Blog Post 4 Harry Potter is so Scary!

Harry Potter is so scary, Cho chang he wants to marry!


Hermione is ok , but she brags on her way!


Luna Lovegood is crazy, her favorite flowers are daisies!


Filch is mean, very very mean, he thinks he is the king and Umbridge is the queen!


Dumbledore is weird, he has a long beard and he disappeared!


Blog Post 1 Mascara

“I put mascara on everyday

I put it on in a very nice way!Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.53.55

The wonderful shine

Make my eyelashes look like a curvy line.

People say it’s gorgeous

As gorgeous as a tortoise

It’s usually black

Like a liquorice snack

Sometimes it’s brown

Like a big, old town

My amazing mascara will always be mine

I won’t share it or trade it with wine!”


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