All the Money in the World

“Wow! A green hand!” Quentin was surprised. There was a green hand asking for help. Quentin pulled him out. Right there in front of him was a green man, a tiny green man.


They told each other their names. Apparently the green man was a leprechaun, and his name was Flan. Flan asked Quentin that since he had pulled flan out of the hole, Flan needed to give Quentin some gold, but he didn’t have the gold, so he granted him three wishes. 2 of Quentin’s wishes were just wasted, but his last wish was… all the money in the world!


Quentin now had all the money in the world. He was so happy, until there was stuff on the tv about money missing. Quentin realized that people were starving because they had no money and he had all the money.


Quentin, Roselyn and Vincent were playing. Quentin gave Roselyn and Vincent money, but since the money was his once they got it, it came back to where it was. Roselyn and Vincent thought he tricked them on purpose.


Since nobody had money they decided to use dillies (fake money). That didn’t work because it was still money, so now it was in Quentin’s farm. Everyone was mad at Quentin.

The moral of the story was that money is not so important.

Robin Hood Reflection

 How do you think the story will end?

I think that the story is going to have a sad ending, because so far up to chapter 7, there have been no happy things.


Which character do you think will change most by the end?

I think that Robin Hood is going to change, and is going to stop stealing money from the rich. I think that he is going to realize that stealing money is not a good thing.


What character would you most like to be?

I would most like to be Robin Hood because he knows how to do archery. I would also like to be Robin Hood because he is very sneaky and is good at hiding.


What advice would you give a character in this book?

I would tell Robin Hood that he shouldn’t steal money from the rich, because it is a bad thing to steal stuff. The rich people probably worked hard for the money.


What were your feelings after this chapter?

My feelings are that Robin Hood is a mean person, because he steals money from the rich. I also felt that Robin Hood is going to die in the end.

All the Money in the World

What are you finding interesting about the text?

I am finding it interesting that Quentin actually has all the money in the world, because his family had only had a little amount of money.


What is something you are wondering about?

I am wondering about what is going to happen when the government finds out, because it said in the book that the people working in the government were really angry.


What makes you want to continue reading the book?

I want to continue reading the book, because I want to find out what happens in the end. I also want to find out how everyone gets their money back and if they do get their money back.


Summarize the main events in the book so far

The main events in the book so far are:

  • When Quentin thinks that he doesn’t get the money
  • When the adults/parents talk to Quentin
  • When Quentin’s dad sees the leprechaun


What do you think quentin should do?

I think quentin should do another good thing for flan so that flan gives quentin 3 more wishes. with one of those wishes he can take his wish back.


The Breadwinner – Chapter 1

After reading chapter one, the title that I would give the book is Parvana And The War. In chapter one it talks a lot about how they move a lot because of bombs that hit their houses. It also says that there has been a war in Afghanistan for twenty years also.


I understand that the setting is a small town or something like that because it says that they are in Afghanistan a lot of times and to me, it really sounds like somewhere really small. It also says that they work in a market and it sound like the market is small because it says that they only sell pillowcases and some other stuff which I don’t think that people buy a lot of.


My question is, is the war going to be over soon? It has been going on for twenty years and to me, it does not sound like it is going to end any time soon. It also says they are bombing all over the place. Every time the house gets bombed, they loose more stuff and become poorer. Every time they move, they move into a smaller house

In Your Dreams

In your dreams


What type of person would enjoy this story and why?

I think someone that has a lot of bad dreams would enjoy this book because this book shows the good part about dreams.


What happened in the story that would never happen to you and why?

There wouldn’t be a dream snatcher because there is no dream snatcher in real life.


State one thing you would do differently in the story and why?

What i would do differently is when on one page there was the children’s best dreams i would make them a bit more interesting.

Find 3 words in the story that you weren’t sure of prior to reading it and use them in sentences. The words i sure of were throbbing , materialistic and gadgets.

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