Seashell Soup

Once on a little beach of Oahu, Hawaii there were three travelers. Their names were Jack, Martin and Rosie. They were brothers and sisters. They were travelling but they had nothing to eat. They were fishing for fish for the whole day but they didn’t even catch one! They asked many people on the beach for some money or a least some leftover food but nobody seemed to care.


At the end of the day they caught a bucket with a little tiny seashell. They decided to trick the people on the beach and the people that lived around the beach. They lit up some fire and, put the bucket that they caught with the seashell inside on the fire.


A little girl whothat was playing with the sand and had a colorful lei (which is a flower garland necklace) came skipping towards them and asked surprised, “What are you doing?”

“We are making seashell soup,” said Jack.

“Wow!” said the little girl. “Can I help”?

“Sure,” said Rosie.


“I would really like to know how to make seashell soup. It would probably save my mother from having to cook super complicated things everyday! So, how do we make seashell soup?”

“Well, we need some hot water so we would need to boil water,” said Rosie..

“Oh I have some water at home. We can boil that. Do you think some black lava sea salt would be nice on the soup?” said the little girl.

“It would be delicious!” said Jack.  “We will be living like kings and queens”

So the little girl skipped home and got the stuff.


“Mom, Mom!” shouted the little girl.

“Yes, Honey?”

“I need some water and black lava sea salt.”

“For what?” asked her mother.

“We are making seashell soup,” said the girl.

“Well ok then honey.”

She got the ingredients and so the little girl skipped back to the beach.


“Now we can add all of the ingredients,” said Rosie.

So they added all of the ingredients. More people started crowding around them and trying to help.

“It would be really nice to have some passion fruit,” said Martin.

Somebody from the back said, “I have some! I could bring it!”

“Thanks!” said Rosie. “We will be living like kings and queens!”


So the man brought the passion fruit and they added it in.

“Mmm! Smells delicious,” said Rosie. “And it was made out of one single, little, half broken seashell.”

“Oh how about some star fruit? It would make it even more delicious and we will be living like kings and queens!”


So somebody brought some star fruit and they added it.

They were getting ready to eat and they were putting towels on the sand. And the sun started to go down.


“Oh!  Some strawberry guava berries would make it delicious and we would be living like kings and queens.”

“Oh I have some at my restaurant said a waiter I can bring it for you.”

“MMMM,” every one said.


“And I will bring some poha berries” said another little girl.  And so they added more ingredients. Ssome one shouted out, “Rambutan!” and another person shouted, “Pitaya! Dragon fruit!”

Everybody brought something and they added all of it.


And finally the sun went down so they had a feast and had lots of seashell soup.

“Some day we can do this again but for now we have to go. Thank you for your help,” said Rosie.

“Goodbye!” everyone they all said, and they left.

They were right., Tthey lived like kings and queens.


The end


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