Thank YOU TO…….

Istanbul International Community school,

51 karaagac mahallesi,

Marmara Campus,




Tuesday November 25, 2014.

Dear Bilge and Busra,


My name is Melisa Bese. I am the girl who had a bright yellow ball and  bounced it all around space camp. Do you remember me? I am writing to you (the best people at space camp) because I really want to thank you for all the hard work you did , Busra, you had to deal with us all night and were still nice to us and Bilge, you were really kind and helpful. Bilge, remember I forgot to get my ball back? It’s okay, because when you look at it, you can remember me.


One of my favorite activities at space camp was The Mission. It was really exciting and fun! I liked being Mission Specialist 1, because I got to do the EVA which involved going out of the spaceship and building a pyramid. The EVA was fun because we got to do something that some other people didn’t do. The mission was the BEST THING EVEr!


I learned so many things during space camp,  but the most important thing, was about space suits. I never knew about space suits before this camp. When we went to the ‘Suit Me Up’ room, I learned a lot of things. It was also fun because we watched a video about space suits and about a women trying to make a space suit to go to Mars. You gave me a lot of knowledge about space suits.



This was the best field trip ever!


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