Decorative Arts Reflection



The name of my building is Selimiye mosque.


The first thing I notice about the building is that it is the prettiest and biggest of all of his buildings.


The elements that my building reflects are shape because it has a lot of beautiful shapes inside the building.


He used the elements to create mood because he used a lot of different colors and shapes.


I know about the architect that he was a christian and turned into a muslim.

Performing Arts Reflection

20150209_084510Before I thought reading poems were easy.

I learned that a poem is more interesting when you add gesture, body language etc.

Now I think that reading poems is hard because you have to add gesture body language etc.



I would love to have a happy day

just relax with my friends and play.


I like racing

and sometimes even chasing.


I love my friends because they will give me a break

not like my enemies which will give me a headache.


Without my friends I would not be alive

with my friends I can even drive.


Be nice to your friends because they are a gift

they are even better than Taylor Swift.

Mrs Booty and the Fashion Show

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Alexa. Alexa loved school; she loved her teacher, and she loved her friends. Her teacher was a very posh women that wore the same outfit everyday, she wore a brownish red dress with black super duper long high heels, but the weird thing was that her name was Ms. Smiley Face. She NEVER smiled..she NEVER laughed, but Alexa still loved her teacher. One random Monday, when Alexa came to school, her teacher had a big fat smile on her face! Alexa was super joyful! Everyone was whispering about it. Alexa sat in her usual spot and started thinking, what had happened to her teacher, why was it that she was always so grouchy, but today, she was happy.


Once school had started, Ms Smiley said, “let’s start our math lesson children!” She said it in a really joyful way. In less than a minute after class started, someone knocked on the door. Ms Smiley said, “yes, come in!” At the door was a random women wearing some jeans and a skirt on top of each other and on top of the jeans and skirt she was wearing a man’s shirt. The whole class started laughing, but Ms Smiley just sat there with her mouth open and eyes wide open.


I politely raised my hand and said, “Ms Smiley, are you okay?” Ms Smiley said, “I’m sorry, I just need to have a talk with this lady!” To me it sounded like she knew the lady … just then Alexa remembered the lady, she was the lady that brought sugar cookies to her class last year when Ms Smiley did not work at IICS. Ms Smiley went out and had a big twenty minute conversation with the lady.


When Ms Smiley came in, she had the biggest, fattest smile on her face! She said the weirdest thing, “I found my mummy!”


I was like WOW! This is weird, very weird. Ms Smiley just randomly hugged the random lady and then bid her goodbye like a very small baby.


Now it all made sense, Alexa remembered when Ms Smiley had told her that she had lost her mum when she was 3 years old. Ms Smiley had shown Alexa a picture of her mom.


One day, on a boring weekend, when Alexa didn’t get to go to school she couldn’t see the wonderful Ms Smiley. Someone randomly knocked the door, and Alexa opened it. There was an enormous, fat lady standing there, but then Alexa recognized her. She was Ms Smiley’s mum. “Hello!” said Alexa.


“Hello!” said the women in a very posh way. It was the exact same way that Ms Smiley would have said it. “Alexa, are you the wonderful girl in my daughter’s class?“


“Yes I am in your daughter’s class, but why are you here?”


“My name is Mrs Booty,“ said the lady. “Ms Smiley is waiting for you downstairs come on, come with us…“ said Mrs Booty.


Alexa went downstairs with Ms Booty. She saw Ms Smiley, they went outside together and Alexa asked Ms Smiley where they were going? Ms Smiley said that they were going to school. Alexa was shock because it was a Saturday. Ms Smiley explained everything to Alexa. Ms Smiley’s mum (Mrs Booty) was a fashion modeL (she didn’t look like one to Alexa, she looked sooooooooooooooooooooo fat and crazy), but Alexa loved Mrs Booty as much as Ms Smiley. When they arrived at the fashion show they had to get Mrs Booty ready. When Alexa saw what Mrs Booty was going to wear on stage, Alexa was really shocked. It was a hot pink and purple skirt, with a hot pink and purple top, with some hot pink and purple socks, a hot pink and purple bow, and a hot pink and purple shoe. Seriously! It was only one shoe. She also planned to wear a hot pink and purple scarf and a hot pink and purple glove (and again it was only one glove). Ms Smiley was laughing, but Mrs Booty asked, “what’s wrong? It’s a really pretty costume.”


So Mrs Booty went on stage and did some really crazy movements. Alexa was a little scared, but Ms Smiley told her that was what she was supposed to do, so Alexa just went with it. Everyone was laughing, but when the next lady came on, Alexa was more shocked than ever. She was wearing the same things as Mrs Booty but in different colors and was doing even crazier movements! Was this a fashion show or what?


When the whole thing was over, Ms Smiley dropped Alexa off at home She was about to fall asleep, because she was super tired after all that excitement. But before sleeping, Alexa decided that she would make a card and attach a necklace (Alexa’s favorite necklace) on to the card for Ms Smiley saying ‘Best Teacher Ever’, And was this true? Yes it was, because Ms Smiley was the best teacher ever!


The End


What did you  do well as a writer? I think I improved on my punctuation because I used a lot of speech marks which I usually forget.


What can you improve on for your next story? I think I need to make it more interesting.






Visual Arts – Surrealism – Reflection 1

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 09.26.52

My name is Melisa and I really love my life! I am from Istanbul and I live here as well. My hair colour is brown and my eyes are hazel. My favourite subject in school is art. Life over here, where I live, is really good.  I go to a really good school and I really like going to all the classes I go to, for example I take piano lessons after school. I  love my life because I think I’m really lucky.


We studied Frida Carlo’s work before drawing our own self portraits and writing about ourselves. Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter who was best known for her self portraits. Kahlo’s life began and ended in Mexico City, in her home known as the Blue House. Her work has been celebrated in Mexico as emblematic of national and indigenous tradition and by feminists for its uncompromising depiction of the female experience and form. Her work has also been described as surrealist, and in 1938 André Breton, principal initiator of the surrealist movement, described Kahlo’s art as a “ribbon around a bomb” Frida rejected the “surrealist” label; she believed that her work reflected more of her reality than her dreams.
(From Wikipedia – The free encyclopedia)


During my winter holiday I went to Italy. It was a fun holiday because it was the first time I went somewhere, not with a tour group, but with some friends. I went to three places in Italy. One of them was really boring, but the other two were fun. What I didn’t like about it, was that we were only there for five days and I would be at my house in Turkey for the rest of the holiday. I wish we could have stayed in Italy for a longer period of time!


When I arrived back in Istanbul, I was pretty happy, because I saw the computer sitting in the living room and also my cousins were waiting for me at my house. The next day I went to my Mom’s workplace, but it wasn’t fun at all, because workplaces are very boring. I had to sit and sit and sit for a long time! For the rest of the week it was pretty much all boring stuff.

It was bad Monday again and my dad said that he was going to go to Moscow for three nights. He said that he would leave next Monday, when school starts again, so i helped him pack his suitcase so that he didn’t have to worry about it later on. After that, I went to the living room and played a little bit on the computer. Sunday night, I had to go to sleep really early, because there was going to be school the next day. I was already worried about going on the bus the next morning, because there is a boy that vomits every time he comes on the bus and it really smells! I love school so much though that I still want to get on that bus every day.

Let’s face it … Space Camp

When we arrived at Space Camp, I was so surprised to see what it looked like, because I’ve been wanting to go there for years.

I was a bit scared of staying there for three days, because I was worried about missing my home.

I was really joyful because I got to spend three days with my friend and my gorgeous teacher.

I was sad because we didn’t get to eat space ice cream.

I was the happiest person in the world because I was at Space Camp for the first time!

I was frustrated because some people in my group didn’t take the mission seriously and we didn’t win the mission award.

I was confused because I didn’t know who to share a bunk with at Space Camp.

I was laughing so much on the ⅙ Gravity Chair because it was good to feel weightless.

I learned a lot of knowledge about space, because I had two awesome counsellors who had a lot of knowledge about space.


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