Different age group opinions

My friend and I were really interested in how different age groups would respond to certain questions. This week we have been interviewing different people of all ages to find out. Here is a chart about how they responded to our questions. We interviewed  one person from each age group.


                                     3-5               6-8               9-13               14-18            20-30            40-60             older       

What do you think about sweets and candy and when and how much should you eat them? You should be able to eat them whenever you want. You should eat them whenever you want. They aren’t good but you can eat them sometimes. You should eat them if they make you happy. You shouldn’t eat too much because they are unhealthy Only if its in balance. You shouldn’t eat them and if you do just a really little amount.
How old should you be to wear makeup? 14 18 15 13 over 18 18 but not to much. over 18
If you make your own money should you be able to spend it on anything you want even if you are under the age of 18? If it’s your money you should be able to spend it on anything you want. Parents should control what you do with your money. Only if you spend it carefully. You should spend it on whatever you want. The parents should decide. Only if the child is responsible enough not to spend their money at bad things and doesn’t use all of it at once. Only for needs like books and clothes.
What do you think is appropriate school clothing and should you be allowed to wear anything you want? You should be allowed

to wear anything you want.

You should never wear something like that even when you are outside of school. You should be able to wear what you want. Anything as long as you like it. As long as you are comfortable and don’t break any rules. You should be able to wear what you want but it’s dumb to wear something that’s not comfortable and you shouldn’t break any rules. Clothing should always be appropriate and comfortable.
Should everyone always be able to get pets? Yes because they are cute. Always!! If you can take care of it. yes because they make you happy. Only if you can take care of them. Yes, if you really think about your choice before Everyone that has a garden should have a pet.
What is a good snack for school and can it be unhealthy. You should be allowed

to the unhealthy snacks to school and a good snack is chocolate.

It should be healthy stuff like fruit. It should normally be healthy but it’s ok to have something unhealthy once or twice. Anything that makes you happy. Not that important but of course it shouldn’t be super unhealthy. Everything is ok as long as it is in balance. Only healthy things like fruit or vegetables.
Is math important to learn? It is important but you shouldn’t do it everyday. You should really learn it but only the parts of math that you will need when you are grown up. It’s important to lean. Not that important unless you want to be a math teacher when you are grown up. Everybody should learn it because it’s always useful. It’s one of the most important things to learn and you should practice everyday. Everyone should learn it because it’s a big part of life.
Is technology necessary to have and if so when should you start using and having it? Technology is important and you should get your first phone and computer when you are 15. The only thing necessary is a computer. You need it because of the trend and everybody uses it. It’s necessary for school and you need basic knowledge. It’s important to have because these days everybody has it. You should have it as long as you are not too young and it’s good to have the internet if you need to get information on something. You should have a computer but cell phones take away your freedom.


In the beginning we thought that the little kids, the preteens and the teenagers would all have similar results with everything unhealthy and their own way but the 6-8 and the 9-13 groups were a little bit more like the adults (a little bit more strict) and the teenagers are a tiny bit more like the little kids.


The chart showed us that younger kids like to always have it their way when the adults care more about health and not wearing that much makeup. The teenagers in someway were a little bit more like the younger kids. They wanted everything to be how they liked it while the preteens were a little bit more like the adults.


It was really fun to hear and write everyone’s opinion and we learned that all ages think very differently from each other and everyone is different in their thoughts. This was really fun, we would definitely do it again and thank you to everyone that let us interview them!




Easter is one of my favorite holidays! It has my favorite colors. They are very bright and pretty. They are very calm and they make me very joyful!


On Easter my family and I paint eggs in bright colors and then crack them all on to each other and whichever egg doesn’t crack wins. It’s really fun and I always pick my favorite colors and they always are lucky so I mostly always win!


Another thing I really like about easter is the food. I loooooooooooove easter cake. My grandma makes a special type of easter cake and she sends my family some most years. It’s very sweet and it breaks apart really easily. I love Easter.

Blog Post 9 Easter

Easter is one of my favorite holidays! It has my favorite colors. They are very bright and pretty. They are very calm and they make me really joyful!

On Easter my family and I paint eggs in bright colors and then crack them all on to each other and whichever egg doesn’t crack wins. It’s really fun and I always pick my favorite colors and they always are lucky so I mostly always win!

Another thing I really like about easter is the food. I loooooooooooove easter cake. My grandma makes a special type of easter cake and she sends my family most years. It’s very sweet and it breaks apart really easily. I love Easter!

Blog Post 8 Cookies

We all know that cookies are the best, most delightful things ever. They make you extremely happy and energetic. All cookies are delicious but these five are the most important cookies in the world and if you haven’t tasted them you have to!


In fifth place we have Oreos. Oreos are very famous and they were invented in America. The cream inside has a very creamy texture and milky taste. The two biscuits, on top and under the cookie are really chocolatey and crunchy. When you bite into the an Oreo, you taste the yummy chocolatey goodness from the cookie and the milky tastes of the cream combined and they taste really nice and delicious together.


In fourth place comes macaroons. Macaroons are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The texture of macaroons is really nice. You can get them in many different flavours and colours. The best flavour is caramel’, it’s very sweet and extra chewy. Macaroons are delightful and highly pleasant to taste.


In third place we have caramel cookies. They are full of flavour and really yummy. They have lots of caramel on the inside and they are soft and squishy. They are really pleasant when they are freshly baked because they are warm and extra soft. If you are baking them yourself then you should sprinkle small toffee bits because they fit the cookie perfectly and give it an extra little touch of magic. Caramel stuffed cookies are delicious….. but not so nutritious.


In second place we have double chocolate chip brownie cookies. These cookies taste exactly like brownies but better because the are cookies! They have a really strong flavour and if you add extra chocolate chips they will taste even better. When you first bite into the cookie and you start chewing it tastes like a chewy brownie but when you continue chewing it melts in your mouth and it starts tasting like brownie batter flavoured chocolate frosting. These cookies are really strong and chocolatey and if you are on a diet you probably shouldn’t eat them!
Finally in first place we have…. Caramel and chocolate chip cookies stuffed with triple amount of Nutella. These cookies are my absolute favourite. Words cannot describe how pleasant and enjoyable this cookie is! It’s the best tasting thing you will taste in your whole entire life. Once you taste this cookie your life will change. You will get addicted to it in minutes or even seconds! It’s the chewiest and most delicious once of all of them. This cookie is scrumptious and one you taste it, it will be your favourite too!

Seashell Soup

Once on a little beach of Oahu, Hawaii there were three travelers. Their names were Jack, Martin and Rosie. They were brothers and sisters. They were travelling but they had nothing to eat. They were fishing for fish for the whole day but they didn’t even catch one! They asked many people on the beach for some money or a least some leftover food but nobody seemed to care.


At the end of the day they caught a bucket with a little tiny seashell. They decided to trick the people on the beach and the people that lived around the beach. They lit up some fire and, put the bucket that they caught with the seashell inside on the fire.


A little girl whothat was playing with the sand and had a colorful lei (which is a flower garland necklace) came skipping towards them and asked surprised, “What are you doing?”

“We are making seashell soup,” said Jack.

“Wow!” said the little girl. “Can I help”?

“Sure,” said Rosie.


“I would really like to know how to make seashell soup. It would probably save my mother from having to cook super complicated things everyday! So, how do we make seashell soup?”

“Well, we need some hot water so we would need to boil water,” said Rosie..

“Oh I have some water at home. We can boil that. Do you think some black lava sea salt would be nice on the soup?” said the little girl.

“It would be delicious!” said Jack.  “We will be living like kings and queens”

So the little girl skipped home and got the stuff.


“Mom, Mom!” shouted the little girl.

“Yes, Honey?”

“I need some water and black lava sea salt.”

“For what?” asked her mother.

“We are making seashell soup,” said the girl.

“Well ok then honey.”

She got the ingredients and so the little girl skipped back to the beach.


“Now we can add all of the ingredients,” said Rosie.

So they added all of the ingredients. More people started crowding around them and trying to help.

“It would be really nice to have some passion fruit,” said Martin.

Somebody from the back said, “I have some! I could bring it!”

“Thanks!” said Rosie. “We will be living like kings and queens!”


So the man brought the passion fruit and they added it in.

“Mmm! Smells delicious,” said Rosie. “And it was made out of one single, little, half broken seashell.”

“Oh how about some star fruit? It would make it even more delicious and we will be living like kings and queens!”


So somebody brought some star fruit and they added it.

They were getting ready to eat and they were putting towels on the sand. And the sun started to go down.


“Oh!  Some strawberry guava berries would make it delicious and we would be living like kings and queens.”

“Oh I have some at my restaurant said a waiter I can bring it for you.”

“MMMM,” every one said.


“And I will bring some poha berries” said another little girl.  And so they added more ingredients. Ssome one shouted out, “Rambutan!” and another person shouted, “Pitaya! Dragon fruit!”

Everybody brought something and they added all of it.


And finally the sun went down so they had a feast and had lots of seashell soup.

“Some day we can do this again but for now we have to go. Thank you for your help,” said Rosie.

“Goodbye!” everyone they all said, and they left.

They were right., Tthey lived like kings and queens.


The end


Blog Post 7 Marshmallow Stars

I’m sitting on my sparkly pink towel in my garden, having a wonderful picnic on a beautiful spring day. I hear the birds tweeting quietly. I bite into my mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookie, it’s so chewy and delicious. I sit there for a few more hours. I eat, I read and before I notice it’s nighttime and it’s dark outside. I look up at the stars and suddenly I see a star that’s falling down from the sky, it looks different. It’s pink! It falls down slowly onto my head and bounces of. I pick it up, wait a second I think, The star is squishy, it’s a marshmallow!

Blog post 5 Candyland

If I could live anywhere I would live in Candyland.
Over there it’s not just castles out of sand!

Beds would be marshmallows. Flowers would be gummy.
I would eat them so fast, yummy, yummy, yummy!

My peppermint computer sits on a gingerbread table
It’s connected to very squishy gummy worm cable.

Dinner is ready! I’m very, very hungry!
Melted chocolate and edible confetti!

When I go to the bathroom to wash my hands what comes out of the sink is delicious pink water!

It might sound weird but tell your daughter, she’ll think it’s amazing and you will have to move house, don’t worry you won’t come upon a sugar mouse!

Blog post 6 From Your stuffed Animal’s Point of View…

Hi, I’m Fluffy the teddy bear and i’m going to tell you about how stuffies get treated by humans. First of all we get left in really weird positions, like once I was left on top of the shelf with my face flat on the shelf, and believe me that hurt so bad! Second of all they don’t even feed us! Imagine how hungry you would be if you didn’t eat for 3 years, 7 months, 3 weeks, 2 days and 9 hours! Yes that’s how hungry I am, but don’t worry stuffed animals can’t die unless we get chopped up into little pieces and if you were wondering 3 years, 7 months, 3 weeks, 2 days and nine hours ago was the day I was made. The next bad things that humans do to us is put us in the washing machine! Do you know how bad that is? For some fearless stuffies it might be fun but I’m scared of almost everything! Also they use this washing powder thingy that burns my eyes so much! Just please, oh please if you are reading this tell all your friends with stuffed animals to treat us nicely and tell them that we have feelings and if they don’t believe you just tell them to read this. Thank you for reading!

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