Which photo are you reflecting on? A to Z Booklet


First I gathered all of the information, then I made the booklet, then I wrote all the information down and then I made it creative and pretty.
It was frustrating because it was hard to find  words for all the letters of the alphabet.
My work met the assignments because there was no spelling mistakes and it was readable and neat.
Next time I want to add more information.


Which photo are you reflecting on? Country Project


I didn’t know anything about government before we started.
I don’t feel very good because I think there should have been way more writing.
It didn’t meet the standards because it should have had more writing.
If I could re-do my poster I would add more writing.


Which photo are you reflecting on? Math Graphs


Before this subject I was really bad at making graphs and they were always unreadable and messy.
I think I met the standards because my graph is readable and the calculations were all correct.
If someone else was looking at my graphs I think that they would think that I like to take my time and make everything neat, correct and perfect.
Next time I would make my intervals correct.


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