Cute Spring and Easter Crafts and Treats

  1. Chubby Strawberry Carrots

What you will need:

As many strawberries as you want

White chocolate

Orange food coloring


The fırst step is to wash your strawberries really well. Next melt the white chocolate and put a few drops of orange food colorıng in it. Then coat your strawberries in the orange white chocolate and let them dry. With the leftover chocolate, put more orange food coloring to make it darker. If you don’t have any white chocolate left just melt some more. Get a plastic bag and cut a little bit of the tip off and fill it with the darker orange chocolate. Pipe horizontal lines on the carrot to make it look a little bit more real. Perfect! Now you have got some really cute chubby carrots!




  1. Cute Bunny Garland

What you will need:

Any kind of Glue

Colored Paper


White Pom poms


Any kind of Tape


First of all you need to draw a bunny shape on to the paper. Then cut it out and make many of those. Then put a little bit of glue on the pom pom, and stick it to the bunny like a tail. After that tape the string to the side of the bunny without the tail so that once you hang it up, you can’t see the tape. Ta da! Hang it wherever you want!



  1. Adorable Macaroon Chicks

What you will need:

Yellow macarons (Lemon Flavoured)

Black writing icing

Orange writing icing


At first you need to lay down all of your macaroons onto a tray (this makes it easier to pipe the details) but it’s optional. Get your black writing icing and draw on some eyes and make them big because big eyes look cute on chicks (and basically anything) but that’s optional too. Then draw on some more details like the beak and some feet with the orange icing… And you’re done! Wasn’t that easy?


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