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My friend and I were really interested in how different age groups would respond to certain questions. This week we have been interviewing different people of all ages to find out. Here is a chart about how they responded to our questions. We interviewed  one person from each age group.


                                  3-5                6-8                   9-13             14-18           20-30            40-60              older       

What do you think about sweets and candy and when and how much should you eat them? You should be able to eat them whenever you want. You should eat them whenever you want. They aren’t good but you can eat them sometimes. You should eat them if they make you happy. You shouldn’t eat too much because they are unhealthy Only if its in balance. You shouldn’t eat them and if you do just a really little amount.
How old should you be to wear makeup? 14 18 15 13 over 18 18 but not to much. over 18
If you make your own money should you be able to spend it on anything you want even if you are under the age of 18? If it’s your money you should be able to spend it on anything you want. Parents should control what you do with your money. Only if you spend it carefully. You should spend it on whatever you want. The parents should decide. Only if the child is responsible enough not to spend their money at bad things and doesn’t use all of it at once. Only for needs like books books and clothes.
What do you think is appropriate school clothing and should you be allowed to wear anything you want? You should be allowed

to wear anything you want.

You should never wear something like that even when you are outside of school. You should be able to wear what you want. Anything as long as you like it. As long as you are comfortable and don’t break any rules. You should be able to wear what you want but it’s dumb to wear something that’s not comfortable and you shouldn’t break any rules. Clothing should always be appropriate and comfortable.
Should everyone always be able to get pets? Yes because they are cute. Always!! If you can take care of it. yes because they make you happy. Only if you can take care of them. Yes, if you really think about your choice before Everyone that has a garden should have a pet.
What is a good snack for school and can it be unhealthy. You should be allowed

to the unhealthy snacks to school and a good snack is chocolate.

It should be healthy stuff like fruit. It should normally be healthy but it’s ok to have something unhealthy once or twice. Anything that makes you happy. Not that important but of course it shouldn’t be super unhealthy. Everything is ok as long as it is in balance. Only healthy things like fruit or vegetables.
Is math important to learn? It is important but you shouldn’t do it everyday. You should really learn it but only the parts of math that you will need when you are grown up. It’s important to lean. Not that important unless you want to be a math teacher when you are grown up. Everybody should learn it because it’s always useful. It’s one of the most important things to learn and you should practice everyday. Everyone should learn it because it’s a big part of life.
Is technology necessary to have and if so when should you start using and having it? Technology is important and you should get your first phone and computer when you are 15. The only thing necessary is a computer. You need it because of the trend and everybody uses it. It’s necessary for school and you need basic knowledge. It’s important to have because these days everybody has it. You should have it as long as you are not too young and it’s good to have the internet if you need to get information on something. You should have a computer but cell phones take away your freedom.


In the beginning we thought that the little kids, the preteens and the teenagers would all have similar results with everything unhealthy and their own way but the 6-8 and the 9-13 groups were a little bit more like the adults (a little bit more strict) and the teenagers are a tiny bit more like the little kids.


The chart showed us that younger kids like to always have it their way when the adults care more about health and not wearing that much makeup. The teenagers in someway were a little bit more like the younger kids. They wanted everything to be how they liked it while the preteens were a little bit more like the adults.


It was really fun to hear and write everyone’s opinion and we learned that all ages think very differently from each other and everyone is different in their thoughts. This was really fun, we would definitely do it again and thank you to everyone that let us interview them!



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