All the Money in the World

“Wow! A green hand!” Quentin was surprised. There was a green hand asking for help. Quentin pulled him out. Right there in front of him was a green man, a tiny green man.


They told each other their names. Apparently the green man was a leprechaun, and his name was Flan. Flan asked Quentin that since he had pulled flan out of the hole, Flan needed to give Quentin some gold, but he didn’t have the gold, so he granted him three wishes. 2 of Quentin’s wishes were just wasted, but his last wish was… all the money in the world!


Quentin now had all the money in the world. He was so happy, until there was stuff on the tv about money missing. Quentin realized that people were starving because they had no money and he had all the money.


Quentin, Roselyn and Vincent were playing. Quentin gave Roselyn and Vincent money, but since the money was his once they got it, it came back to where it was. Roselyn and Vincent thought he tricked them on purpose.


Since nobody had money they decided to use dillies (fake money). That didn’t work because it was still money, so now it was in Quentin’s farm. Everyone was mad at Quentin.

The moral of the story was that money is not so important.

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