All the Money in the World

What are you finding interesting about the text?

I am finding it interesting that Quentin actually has all the money in the world, because his family had only had a little amount of money.


What is something you are wondering about?

I am wondering about what is going to happen when the government finds out, because it said in the book that the people working in the government were really angry.


What makes you want to continue reading the book?

I want to continue reading the book, because I want to find out what happens in the end. I also want to find out how everyone gets their money back and if they do get their money back.


Summarize the main events in the book so far

The main events in the book so far are:

  • When Quentin thinks that he doesn’t get the money
  • When the adults/parents talk to Quentin
  • When Quentin’s dad sees the leprechaun


What do you think quentin should do?

I think quentin should do another good thing for flan so that flan gives quentin 3 more wishes. with one of those wishes he can take his wish back.


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