The Breadwinner – Chapter 1

After reading chapter one, the title that I would give the book is Parvana And The War. In chapter one it talks a lot about how they move a lot because of bombs that hit their houses. It also says that there has been a war in Afghanistan for twenty years also.


I understand that the setting is a small town or something like that because it says that they are in Afghanistan a lot of times and to me, it really sounds like somewhere really small. It also says that they work in a market and it sound like the market is small because it says that they only sell pillowcases and some other stuff which I don’t think that people buy a lot of.


My question is, is the war going to be over soon? It has been going on for twenty years and to me, it does not sound like it is going to end any time soon. It also says they are bombing all over the place. Every time the house gets bombed, they loose more stuff and become poorer. Every time they move, they move into a smaller house

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