During my winter holiday I went to Italy. It was a fun holiday because it was the first time I went somewhere, not with a tour group, but with some friends. I went to three places in Italy. One of them was really boring, but the other two were fun. What I didn’t like about it, was that we were only there for five days and I would be at my house in Turkey for the rest of the holiday. I wish we could have stayed in Italy for a longer period of time!


When I arrived back in Istanbul, I was pretty happy, because I saw the computer sitting in the living room and also my cousins were waiting for me at my house. The next day I went to my Mom’s workplace, but it wasn’t fun at all, because workplaces are very boring. I had to sit and sit and sit for a long time! For the rest of the week it was pretty much all boring stuff.

It was bad Monday again and my dad said that he was going to go to Moscow for three nights. He said that he would leave next Monday, when school starts again, so i helped him pack his suitcase so that he didn’t have to worry about it later on. After that, I went to the living room and played a little bit on the computer. Sunday night, I had to go to sleep really early, because there was going to be school the next day. I was already worried about going on the bus the next morning, because there is a boy that vomits every time he comes on the bus and it really smells! I love school so much though that I still want to get on that bus every day.

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