Let’s face it … Space Camp

When we arrived at Space Camp, I was so surprised to see what it looked like, because I’ve been wanting to go there for years.

I was a bit scared of staying there for three days, because I was worried about missing my home.

I was really joyful because I got to spend three days with my friend and my gorgeous teacher.

I was sad because we didn’t get to eat space ice cream.

I was the happiest person in the world because I was at Space Camp for the first time!

I was frustrated because some people in my group didn’t take the mission seriously and we didn’t win the mission award.

I was confused because I didn’t know who to share a bunk with at Space Camp.

I was laughing so much on the ⅙ Gravity Chair because it was good to feel weightless.

I learned a lot of knowledge about space, because I had two awesome counsellors who had a lot of knowledge about space.


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  • melisal says:

    I understand how you feel it’s scary to stay away three days, but you didn’t have any time to think about your family. YOU WERE HAVING TO MUCH FUN!!!!!!
    I like what you say about the ⅙ gravity chair but can you please explain why you were laughing because you felt weightless. Please? Any how I disagree with who you didn’t know who to share with because it was so easy…….. MOI SELF!

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